Structuring a Customised Doctorate

L'IFD a été sollicité par l'EUA pour rédiger un article pour la revue Journal of the European Higher Education Area.

Titre : Structuing a Customised Doctorate

Auteurs : Sylvain Collonge (sylvain.collonge @ et Philippe Denoulet


Following the Salzburg 2 recommendations, a doctorate has become an individualised development path for the early-stage researcher that requires standardised structures, support and review processes from the institution. At UPMC, we’ve found that doctoral research projects that are well-prepared have a considerably better rate of success. For this reason, we have put in place a number of support structures with clearly defined roles to facilitate the preparation and supervision procedures for individualised research projects. Quality management processes have also been created to regularly measure our success in attaining defined goals, enabling an environment for continuous improvement.


  1. Introduction
  2. Structuring doctoral programmes
    1. Support structures for the doctorate
    2. Defining the doctorate
  3. Recruiting the doctoral candidate
    1. Advertising the DRP position
    2. The interview process
    3. Recruitment quality assessment
  4. Guiding the doctorate to success
  5. Institutional involvement, resources and quality improvement
    1. UPMC's institutional innovation
    2. Implementing a culture of quality


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Sylvain Collonge - 30/07/15