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During the Doctorate

All doctoral research projects are monitored by the doctoral school, which also manages its scientific community. Doctoral candidates have access to customised training programmes in addition to the scientific resources they need to conduct their research. They may also participate in the publication and dissemination of their research work. In the event of a conflict, they may use the mediation process established by UPMC.


It is important to conduct reviews at regular intervals during the course of the doctoral research project, in order to ensure progress, adjust the schedule, decide on new directions, take a step back and prepare for the future. Such monitoring is the responsibility of the doctoral school.

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Both doctoral candidates and supervisors may receive training to support their research project and professional goals.

The training catalogue is open to all doctoral candidates of Sorbonne University. It is intended for all doctoral candidates at the doctoral schools of UPMC, UTC, MNHN, the Université Paris-Sorbonne and INSEAD.

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In the event of a problem or a conflict involving a doctoral candidate, there are several levels of mediation to try to resolve it, in the laboratory, the doctoral school and the university.

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