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Scientific resourcesResearch tools

Your research unit will provide you with the physical environment you need to conduct your doctoral research project: workspace, IT and experimental equipment, etc.

Depending on its size and its affiliations, it may have certain scientific equipment, but many resources are also shared.


A researcher's work always builds upon that of others.

Through its library, UPMC provides you with an environment that allows you to research documentation as efficiently as possible.

 UPMC university library website (BUPMC)

The Training & Careers Department and BUPMC also offer doctoral candidates training sessions to help them learn to efficiently conduct documentary research, manage their bibliographic references, prepare their thesis manuscript, understand the issues and debates around scientific publishing and bibliometrics, etc.

 View the training catalogue (only in french)
These training courses are found under the heading "Advanced scientific and methodological techniques". Some training sessions are given in English.


HAL-UPMC open-access archives

The HAL-UPMC portal is used to submit and consult scientific publications from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (journal articles, chapters of books, conference proceedings, theses, etc.). The portal:

  • makes UPMC publications more accessible
  • promotes the results of UPMC and its laboratories
  • ensures the legacy of the information submitted
  • offers researchers services such as the creation of publication lists.

The HAL open-access archive has several institutional and thematic portals, such as TEL, which is specifically dedicated to theses, and MédiHAL, which contains images.

Discover UPMC's publications and submit your own publications to HAL-UPMC: 

The HAL-UPMC support desk (halupmc @ upmc.fr) is available to answer any questions about HAL.

Rules for signing scientific publications

As a doctoral candidate, you will work in a research unit that generally has affiliations with multiple partners (universities, research agencies, etc.). These partners house the research units, cover the related costs (fluids, facility maintenance, etc.), and/or provide them with human and financial resources.

It is therefore important that all of the affiliated partners that support research structures be recognised in the work published by researchers. A good reference in scientific publications enhances an institution's visibility and attractiveness and therefore its ability to continue and increase investments in research units.

 See the rules for signing scientific publications at UPMC (only in french)


Depending on the nature of your research, you may need to use technological platforms. These platforms bring together equipment and specialised personnel in order to help researchers. They are shared by research units.

See the list of technological platforms at UPMC (by research centre - only in french)


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