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Health insurance

Irrespective of your nationality, healthcare insurance is provided via affiliation to the French student social security or general social security scheme, or when you subscribe to voluntary personal insurance.

If you are required to be affiliated to the student social security scheme, you will become affiliated when you register at UPMC, on payment of a flat-rate annual contribution. 

The Doctoral information and registration office will calculate your social security and other entitlements when you make your registration payment. 

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Home insurance

You are required to take out “multi-risk” home insurance (assurance “Multirisques habitation” in French) to provide cover against the risk of fire, water damage, theft, natural and technological disasters, storms, attacks, etc.
Supplementary cover options are generally available (relating to theft, breakage of glass, etc.).
Helpful tips:

  • In case of fire: you have five working days to report a fire to your insurer.
  • In case of theft: you have 48 hours to report a theft, starting from the time at which you become aware of it.
  • In case of water damage: it is best to complete an “agreed statement of facts” report (“constat amiable” in French) (forms can be obtained from your insurer).

Attention: Home insurance does not cover damage occurring in car parks. Damage to cars falls within the scope of car insurance.

Civil liability insurance

You are obliged to compensate for any damages caused by you in respect of other parties (persons, animals or property), whatever the cause.

If you are found to be liable for such damages, you must pay compensation. It is therefore imperative that you take out a civil liability insurance policy (with an insurance company or bank, or with your student mutual insurance company) that includes cover for compensation payments, or proposes a specific contract which provides financial compensation for damages. 

If your “multi-risk” home insurance or car insurance contract does not include civil liability cover, you should take out an additional policy that provides such cover.

You may need professional civil liability insurance within the scope of your work. If so, you should ask your host laboratory to ensure that you are covered.


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