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Doctoral research projects

A doctoral research project is not just a "thesis topic". It is an original scientific project that includes material and financial resources. It is led by an experienced (lecturer-)researcher who will supervise the doctoral candidate, conducted within a research unit (laboratory) and monitored by a doctoral school. 

Design and approval

A doctoral research project is defined and sponsored by a (professor-)researcher who is accredited to lead research projects (HDR) and will serve as the recruited candidate's thesis supervisor. Other researchers may participate in supervising the doctoral candidate, as either co-directors (HDR) or co-supervisors.

doctoral research project is endorsed by the director of the project leader's research team or unit, approved by the director of the doctoral school with which the unit is affiliated, and then published online.

Each of these parties ensures that every doctoral research project is:

  1. original, instructional, innovative and feasible within the timeframe of a doctorate
  2. consistent with the research unit's scientific policy and expertise
  3. funded, particularly to ensure the doctoral candidate's remuneration.

A candidate may participate in the designing of a doctoral research project, but the thesis supervisor is always the one responsible for submitting it for approval.

Applications and timetable

Candidates wishing to do a doctorate must apply for a published doctoral research project.

Doctoral research projects are open for recruitment throughout the year. However, each doctoral school organises an annual recruitment campaign between May and July, at which point many doctoral contracts are granted, for integration in September or October. 

View the doctoral research projects open for recruitment at UPMC's doctoral schools (link TBD)


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Key doctorate statistics

  • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
  • Over 750 theses defended every year
  • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months