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Administrative registration

Administrative registration and payment of fees are managed by Doctoral Information & Registration Offices. Each year, after logging on to the Sorbonne Université school portal, you will send them by regular mail your complete application form.




Bureau d'accueil des Doctorants

Institut de Formation Doctorale - UPMC

15, rue de l'Ecole Doctorale

75006 Paris


 After checking the documents (employment contract, diploma of access, authorization of registration charters ...), you will receive an e-mail indicating the amount of the annual fees to be regulated for your inscription. After receiving your payment, you will receive your certificate of education.

Application and registration opening dates

At a later date

Registration closing dates

Registration for registration in the first year of doctoral studies : closed on 2nd May 2020

Registration for second- and third-year doctoral candidates:  closed on 31 October 2019

Registration for dispensation request for additional registration after the third year:  closed on 15 December 2019


Doctorate registrations are governed by the Decree of 25 May 2016 on doctoral training.


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