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The career track

Monitoring the career track of doctorate holders is an important challenge, as PhDs play a major role in the development of societies based on knowledge and innovation.

As highly qualified professionals with research experience, doctors are in a particularly good position to spread the practices of research, innovation and knowledge sharing to the entire socio-economic fabric and beyond and to help breathe new life into professional practices in industries that are sometimes more rooted in the industrial and productive era than in that of networks and innovation.


UPMC and Sorbonne University track and analyze their PhDs' careers in order:

  • To inform future doctoral candidates about job prospects for PhDs
  • To develop an active professional network with PhDs
  • To evaluate and update its doctoral policy
  • To report to assessment bodies
  • To contribute to national, European and international studies and research on employment and the role of PhDs and, more broadly, managers, in the rise of societies based on knowledge and innovation


 Steps, from research project to thesis defense to career track: 


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