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Cotutelle doctorate

A cotutelle doctoral research project is to be developed with an international institution authorised to issue doctoral degrees. It consists of a research subject, funding (French or international), two (or three) co-supervisors and two (or three) degrees or a joint degree.


  • The doctoral research project is conducted between two (or three) laboratories, one affiliated with a UPMC doctoral school and the second (or third) in a partner university's laboratory.
  • The doctoral candidate conducts his or her research under the supervision of a thesis supervisor in each of the participating institutions. They collaborate with one another to supervise the doctoral research project.
  • The doctoral research is conducted in alternating periods in the participating institutions, according to a balanced schedule and the modalities defined in the cotutelle agreement.
  • Each year, the doctoral candidate registers in the doctoral programmes in two (or three) higher education institutions: one in France and the second (or third) abroad.
  • The thesis will be defended once in one of the participating institutions according to the rules laid out in the cotutelle agreement.
  • The Doctor will receive two (or three) doctorate degrees from the participating institutions, or a joint degree. The degrees will bear the phrase "international cotutelle".


Procedure for creating an international cotutelle doctorate

  • Once your candidacy is accepted, you download the cotutelle application form provided to you.
  • After approval of the various sections, you submit the completed application to the Cotutelle reception office.
  • Once the application is approved, a draft cotutelle agreement will be written.
  • You register for the doctoral programme at Sorbonne Université as usual.

Cotutelle application form


The cotutelle reception office:

scolarite.doctorat @ sorbonne-universite.fr

Registration renewals and Defense :

A-EL : 01 44 27 28 07 -

EM-MON : 01 44 27 28 05

MOO-Z : 01 44 27 28 02

scolarite.doctorat@sorbonne-universite.fr (scolarite.doctorat @ upmc.fr)


Traductions :

Key doctorate statistics

  • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
  • Over 750 theses defended every year
  • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months