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Doctoral programs

UPMC's doctoral programs allow doctoral candidates to develop doctoral research projects with different interfaces:

• Scientific interfaces, allowing candidates to complete a doctorate between two laboratories in different fields

• Sectoral interfaces, allowing candidates to complete another degree program in addition to the doctorate

• Geographic interfaces, allowing candidates to experience collaboration and international mobility


These doctoral programmes are scientific development programmes aimed at bringing together doctoral candidates with doctoral research projects that go beyond the scientific scope of a single doctoral school.

These programmes are open to any laboratory affiliated with one of the doctoral schools accredited by UPMC. Any laboratory may apply to calls for projects for these programmes via its affiliated doctoral school.

Each programme receives doctoral contracts from UPMC, but programmes can also include doctoral research projects with other sources of funding.

Each doctoral programme is overseen by a board, which is responsible for scientific development and training in its field.

Doctoral Programme in "Interfaces of Living Organisms"

Doctoral Programme in "Process Engineering"

Process engineering, at the crossroads of multiple disciplines, combines knowledge and expertise in the industrial processing of natural raw materials.

Doctoral Programme in Cancerology

Research in the field of cancerology is multifaceted and goes beyond simply understanding the process of carcinogenesis and mechanisms of action.

Doctoral Programme in Science and Management

The Doctoral Program in Science and Management allows doctoral candidates to earn a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) in addition to a PhD. The program includes 14 weeks of management training and a 6-month placement in an international company.

International Doctoral Programmes

International collaboration is an essential part of research. Some programs place a particular focus on allowing candidates to develop their international experience during the doctoral project.


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Key doctorate statistics

  • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
  • Over 750 theses defended every year
  • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months