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DS 127 : Astronomy and astrophysics of Ile-de-France

The Doctoral School of Astronomy and Astrophysics offers physicists and mathematicians training, in and through research, in the vast interdisciplinary field of astronomy and all of its related methods of observation, measurement and calculation. It covers a field which is developing constantly and considerably:

  • Discovery of extra-solar planets
  • Renewal of cosmology at the interface of particle physics
  • Development of astrochemistry
  • In situ exploration of the solar system
  • Spatial navigation
  • Planetology at the interface of sciences of the planet Earth.

The school is developing powerful observation tools, both in space and on the ground, solidifying Europe's role and drawing on a wide range of advanced technologies (optics, metrology, cryogenics, automatics, etc.).


Head: Jacques Le Bourlot & Florence Durret (UPMC)

Manager: Agnès Le Guerer

Contact: 01 44 32 81 03

mail: leguerer @ iap.fr



Traductions :

    Key doctorate statistics

    • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
    • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
    • Over 750 theses defended every year
    • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months