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DS 129 : Environmental sciences of Ile-de-France

Created in 1991, the Doctoral School of Environmental Science of Ile-de-France (DS 129) offers training, in and through research, in the vast interdisciplinary field of environmental science.

The Doctoral School of Environmental Science of Ile-de-France covers multidisciplinary fields related to understanding the physical, chemical and biological balance of the Earth's environment, such as the study of the climate and its variations at all scales of time and space, dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere and the ocean, radiative transfer, functioning of the continental and marine biosphere, biogeochemical cycles, physical chemistry of air, water and ground pollution, experimental developments and techniques linked to remote sensing observation.


Head: Hervé Le Treut & Laurence Picon

Manager: Laurence Amsili Touchon

Contact: 01 44 27 48 19

 laurence.amsili_touchon@upmc.fr (laurence.touchon @ upmc.fr)



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    Key doctorate statistics

    • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
    • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
    • Over 750 theses defended every year
    • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months