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Submission and distribution

Final manuscripts must be submitted in digital format (CD-ROM) to the Doctoral Information & Registration Office one month before the defense date, before making any changes requested by the reviewers. It may seem strange, but that's the rule!

The CD-ROM is accompanied by an administrative file.

In practice: see the Thesis Defense fileTHE THESIS DEFENSE FILE.

The thesis may only be defended once the president of the jury receives a certificate stating that the thesis has been submitted and the form for electronic thesis has been completed.

If the jury or reviewers have requested changes, the new doctoral student will have three months to submit his or her updated thesis in electronic format, accompanied by a certificate from a member of the jury stating that the changes were made.

Thesis distribution

UPMC will submit the approved version of the thesis in its distribution and archival formats, along with the Form for electronic thesis (doctoral thesis), to the national STAR application, managed by the Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education (ABES).

The Training & Careers Department offers a training programme entitled "Biblio@doctorat". Some sessions are taught in English.

Register by writing to med-formations @ listes.upmc.fr!

Training catalogue (only in french)

Non disclosure period and embargo

Once you submit the final version of your manuscript, it is normally sent to the university library to be recorded and disseminated. However, the manuscript's dissemination may be delayed by the doctoral holder (embargo) or the university (confidentiality).


When you submit your manuscript, you may request that its distribution be delayed, for example, if certain results are pending publication. This is called an embargo request. You must specify an embargo period end date, or the date on which you would like your thesis to be distributed.

To request an embargo period, simply indicate your request on the Form for Electronic thesis.

Non disclosure period

A non disclosure period request does not come from you but from your thesis supervisor, laboratory director or partner institution. Only the UPMC President may grant a non disclosure period.

A non disclosure period prevents the sharing, reproduction and distribution of the thesis for a given period of time. Such a request is generally related to the existence of a research contract or agreement signed by the doctoral research project's partners to define the research objectives, each party's contributions, and the intellectual property of the results.

In this case, the thesis is recorded but cannot be shared, reproduced or distributed before the end of the approved non disclosure period.

How do I submit a confidentiality request?

Before the thesis defense

- For doctoral candidates whose research contract is managed by UPMC, the thesis supervisor completes the non disclosure resquest form for UPMC.

- For doctoral candidates whose research contract* is managed by another institution, the thesis supervisor completes the Request for non-disclosure and/or closed defense session - Research contract not managed by UPMC.

This document must be submitted before the thesis defense to the Doctoral Information & Registration Office.

*not to be confused with the employment contract.

For research contracts managed by UPMC

All "readers" of the manuscript must agree to keep the information confidential and must therefore complete the non disclosure agreement. It is important to provide reviewers with the agreement at the same time as the manuscript.

Members of the jury may complete the non disclosure agreement no later than at the oral presentation.

If confidential results are presented at the thesis defense, each of the people present must sign the non disclosure agreement. The President of the jury will prepare a list of those present.

If they were not presented, the supervisor and the President of the jury must complete this non disclosure statement

Request for a closed defense session

The material organisation of a closed defense session is the responsibility of the President of the jury, who must complete the list of those present.

After the defense

Once the thesis has been defended, all of the documents must be returned to the Doctoral Information & Registration Office. The diploma will only be issued upon receipt of a completed non disclosure file.

For research contracts not managed by UPMC

An equivalent procedure may be organised by the institution managing the research contract.


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