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The thesis defense file

The thesis defense file consists of a CD-ROM and documents for the candidate to complete.

This file must be submitted 3 weeks before the defense to the Information and Registration office : to submit it : make an appointment


Several documents must be placed onto the CD-ROM! It may seem tedious, but it will be very useful for the library and for archiving your thesis, thereby promoting your work. 

The CD-ROM, which indicates your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME and REGISTRATION No., contains seven files (nine in the event of redacted texts). 

It is recommended that you use the style sheets offered by UPMC (standard (215 KB) or for cotutelle theses (254 KB))

  1 .txt or .doc file with the title of the thesis written in lowercase letters, named: sujet_registration number

1 .txt or .doc file with the translated title of the thesis (in English, for example) written in lowercase letters, named: sujet_traduit_registration number

1 file (or folder) comprising the entire thesis text in a source format (Word, Latex, Open Office), named: these_archivage_registration number

1 file comprising the entire thesis text in PDF format, named: these_archivage_ registration number.pdf

1 .txt or .doc file containing the French summary of the thesis (maximum 1,700 characters, including spaces), named: resume_fr_registration number.doc

1 .txt or .doc file containing the English summary of the thesis (maximum 1,700 characters, including spaces), named: resume_en_registration number.doc

1 .txt or .doc file containing the thesis's six French key words, written in lowercase letters and separated by semicolons, named: motscles_registration number.doc

 + where applicable

1 file (or folder) comprising the redacted thesis text (without any documents subject to non-acquired copyrights), in a source format, named: these_diffusion_”registration number”

1 file in PDF format, named: these_diffusion_”registrationnumber”.pdf


font files in the event any special characters are used (Greek, Hebrew, phonetic, etc.)


the "FACILE" application report indicating the analysis is valid (simply print the browser page)

The validity of PDF files written to the CD must be verified using the FACILE application.

The requested PDF files must be valid. If they are not, they will be rejected by the Doctoral Information & Registration Office. You will then need to submit another CD-ROM with a new, validated version. 

For technical questions, contact the BUPMC.  (bibth @ upmc.fr)

For more information on electronic versions of the thesis, visit the "UPMC Thesis" page (in french only), where you can find more information on FACILE, for example.

The French Charter for Deposit and electronic Distribution of theses at Université Pierre et Marie Curie: download and print

The form for electronic thesis (doctoral thesis) : complete and print  

+ where applicable

Modification of manuscript : declaration form

Off-site thesis defense authorisation form

If necessary, complete and print the Authorization for thesis defense outside Pierre and Marie Curie University

Note: The thesis title should be identical on all documents and copies of documents.


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